Makeup revolution palletes

I LOVE Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow palettes (and their sister brands). In this blog post, you can see a glimpse of some of the best Beauty Revolution eyeshadow palettes I have. Revolution makes some of the finest eyeshadow palettes I’ve tried for the budget. To my ever-growing collection, I have added another two. To learn more about them, read on!
The gorgeous Revolution Re-loaded Velvet Rose (PR Sample) is first up. With its brown, beige and burgundy hues plus shimmers and a black shade, this beautiful eyeshadow palette is perfect for transitioning into autumn. Apparently, for the much more costly Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette, this is a really good dupe.
The general consensus seems to be that for ABH Soft Glam, Revolution Velvet Rose is not as pigmented (or creamy- I think that’s to be expected!) but can be built up to be an outstanding dupe. I haven’t tried Soft Glam, but I love Velvet Rose for real. It quickly became my daily eyeshadow palette. Mature, muted browns and beiges are very much mine.
I found it easy to work with all 15 shades- they apply smoothly, blend easily, and last even without primer all day long. This is really an amazing palette for £ 4 and one you definitely should have in your makeup collection.
Or you could try Revolution Re-Loaded Marvellous Mattes if you’re in the mood for brighter, bolder looks. I bought it when I was craving some bright yellow eyeshadow a while ago. As the name suggests, all the shades are matt, which I was originally a bit worried about. Sometimes mattes can be really powdery and dry, but fortunately, in the formula, these shades are actually quite creamy.
To get a good pop of color, some of the shades in Marvellous Mattes need to be built up, or you can wet them to make the pigment even stronger. This is also an easy way to create eyeliner as well and creates some interesting, minimalist looks for makeup. I found it easy to blend the shades with minimal fallout.
You can’t go wrong with Marvellous Mattes if you’re looking for bright, bold shades to play with but don’t want to spend a fortune.