Revolution brushes review- part 3

FAN BRUSH When to use it: To apply powder highlighter or to clean up any stray flecks of makeup. How to use it: Lightly sweep the brush across the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose, as well as, wherever you need to brush off any fallout from your other products. Why you

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Revolution brushes review- part 2

Revolution brushes review- part 2   REAL TECHNIQUES ANGLED BRUSH I love an angled brush to apply my bronzer and contour my cheeks a bit naturally. This brush is great for that. It is certainly not a must-have, but certainly, a nice to have and the price is right – cheaper than a latte at

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Revolution brushes review- part 1

  Revolution brushes review- part 1 PENCIL BRUSH  If you like a soft and smokey shadow look and you like wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow on the bottom of your lashes, this brush is crucial for creating those looks. It creates a much softer and more flattering look than a pencil. This brush is small and

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Makeup revolution palletes

Makeup revolution palletes I LOVE Makeup Revolution's eyeshadow palettes (and their sister brands). In this blog post, you can see a glimpse of some of the best Beauty Revolution eyeshadow palettes I have. Revolution makes some of the finest eyeshadow palettes I've tried for the budget. To my ever-growing collection, I have added another two.

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